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A Virtual Assistant or “VA” as they are commonly known, is a self employed professional Administrator or Personal Assistant who works from their own remote office to provide a range of virtual business support services, using technology such as telephone, VOIP, fax, internet and email to communicate with their clients.

Most Virtual Assistant’s have a minimum of five years experience in Executive or Personal Assistant roles in traditional work environments.

A Virtual Assistant can provide most of the same services as an onsite employee, but without the added expense to employers.  You can also work with a virtual assistant on just a job-by-job basis, rather than ongoing, which is perfect in those busier times.


  • Personal Assistant/
    Secretarial Services
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Social Media Support
  • Financial Services
  • Event planning and co-ordination
  • Recruitment Services

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Save time and money on;

  • Recruitment costs
  • Interviewing potential candidates
  • Office equipment
  • Office space
  • Office utilities ie lighting and air-conditioning
  • Holiday pay
  • Holiday cover
  • Sick pay
  • Over-time costs
  • Breaks
  • Superannuation  


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Karen Talbot is the Proprietor of Virtual Business Support, a Virtual Assistant business which was established in April 2009.

The business was launched shortly after Karen and her family emigrated from the UK to the fantastic Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.  Read more ...


Are you fed up of working a 70 hour week?

Are you spending your valuable time and skills doing your own administration?

You can delegate all of your administration to our highly qualified and multi-skilled staff.

We allow you to 'release your time to grow your business' while you concentrate on utilising your skills doing what you do best - growing your business and increasing your profit.  Read more ... 


VA's - Your Secret Weapon

What is a Virtual Assistant and how can they really help you

Reasons why you must use a Virtual Assistant



Virtual Business Support is located in central Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and offers administrative, secretarial and marketing support and business management to small, medium and large organisations anywhere in the world virtually or locally on-site.

Its founder, Karen Talbot has over 20 years experience in administration and is qualified to Diploma, level 5 in Management.  This blend of experience, skills and qualifications, puts Virtual Business Support in a perfect position to be able to offer an exceptional standard of service to all its clients.

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Dear Karen

I really appreciate the virtual service you provide to my company.

Over the past 10 years I have employed people directly, through training schemes, part-time, full-time and casually with varying success. I love that I can provide you with a box (or boxes) of stuff and you get on with processing the paper, business cards and sundry items contained therein - especially just getting in and dealing with the old stuff I've never previously really got under control. I know a lot of the initial tasks have involved doing stuff that others in the past have pushed to one side, the prospect of personally contacting every individual was both overwhelming and unpalatable. I really appreciate that you have done this task with enthusiasm (the feedback I've received from those contacted has been very positive) .... Read more


If you need ANY business support within your organisation, whether you require a one off letter typing, general secretarial services or just assistance to answer your phone for a few hours, please contact us today on;
 Landline          +61 7 5569 2222
 Mobile  0488 236 388
 Fax  +61 7 3319 7343
 Email  info@virtualbizsupport.net



Gone are the days when Secretaries were housed next to their Manager’s office and were called into to sit in front of their boss’s desk to take shorthand.

Secretarial Services are now being offered to businesses from a ‘virtual office’. Secretaries and Administrators have their own office which is usually home based with all the latest equipment and technology in which you would find in any modern office.
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