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Virtual Tradesman Services

Summary of Services

  • Telephone answering
  • Appointment booking service
  • Estimate preparation
  • Advertising monitoring
  • Invoicing of debtors
  • Payment of creditors
  • Credit Control
  • Market research
  • Sales and marketing
  • Existing client customer care
  • Book-keeping
  • Mail handling including emails
  • Other administrative duties as required


Having had hands on experience setting up and managing her husband's plumbing business for 4 years, the business owner knows exactly how a Trademan's mind ticks!

It is extremely difficult trying to do a days work when your mobile is constantly ringing.  Sometimes, you may be lucky if you can hear it amid the drilling or hammering!  You may have put your mobile phone down somewhere or left it in the van!  You are losing business every time your phone is not answered.

Have you every wondered how much work you are losing by allowing your mobile to go to voicemail?  If you were ringing a customer, what would your impression be if the phone ALWAYS went to voicemail.  Do you like leaving a message and do you think they deserve the business if they don't answer their phone?  If I needed a plumber or electrician and their phone went to voicemail, I wouldn't leave a message, I would immediately phone a competitor.

Sometimes, it is not possible to answer your phone due to health and safety concerns.  You don't want to leave dangerous tools lying around in someone's home while you deal with phone calls - especially if the customer has young children.

If you calculate the cost of advertising, you could actually save money by hiring a Virtual Tradesman Assistant.  Your advertising costs may be going down the drain (Plumbers excuse the pun!) as you are too busy or health and safety conscious to answer your phone.

Once the hard days toil is done, you then have to visit prospective client's to estimate for work and then prepare these estimates once you return home.  The days are long and tiring.  And when do you have time to do your book-keeping, pay your bills and chase unpaid accounts?

How we can help

You can delegate all of these responsibilites and more to us and this will give you time to conduct your work without constant interruptions. 

We can take all your daily calls and will answer them promptly and professionally, giving clients the best first impression possible.  As we can access your diary due to our sophisticated software, we can organise appointments for estimates and book successful work - around your existing appointments.  Any urgent call out jobs will be sent via MSM to you immediately.

We can also conduct marketing assignments to promote your business with a view to increasing sales or follow up on existing customers to ensure they are satisfied and continue to use your services.

Are you finding it difficult to remember when your advert runs out in the local press?  We can organise your advertising for you within your budget, ensuring that you maintain coverage and the phone keeps ringing!

We can also prepare all your estimates using your own stationery and submit them to your clients within a 24 hour turnaround.  All you need to provide is details of the job quoted and cost.

We can settle your invoices when required, chase unpaid accounts and organise your book-keeping.

We can provide some or all of the above services but if you just need someone for a few hours a day to deal with your phone calls, we can assist you.

Please contact us today for a no obligation discussion on how we can help you 'get on with your job'.