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Virtual Transcription Services

Virtual Business Support provides medical transcription for hospitals and private practices from our virtual office.

Our Virtual Assistants are experienced in all aspects of medical transcription and terminology and are able to efficiently transcribe any document from case histories to complex documents using the latest digital software or from micro or mini cassette. 

Are you currently writing your own notes and passing them to a member of staff to type up?  Or are you spending your valuable time attempting to type all your patient's notes yourself? 

Our company motto 'releasing your time to grow your business' basically means you could be outsourcing all of your transcription to Virtual Business Support, thus allowing you to offer more time to service your clients.  By doing so, you will be amazed how much your practice will grow.  Not only will you be able to increase your patient portfolio but you will be more relaxed and will be able to spend more time with each one, giving them the impression you really care and they will inadvertently tell their friends, family and associates.  

If you already hire administration staff, hiring a Virtual Assistant to conduct your transcription is not only a cost effective solution to your requirements but allows your in-house staff to give your clients the full attention they deserve, resulting in a more professional and friendly experience for your patients.

Outsourcing your transcription gives you the peace of mind that a VA is always at hand to support you during busy times or when your in-house staff are on holiday or sick.  Or you could use a VA on a permanent adhoc basis to fulfill this role and simply send the digital recordings or cassette to her whenever necessary.  Remember, you only pay for the time it takes them to produce the work.

Consider the savings you will make;

  • Recruitment costs
  • Interviewing potential candidates
  • Office equipment & maintenance
  • Office space
  • Training
  • Office utilities ie lighting and air-conditioning
  • Holiday pay
  • Holiday cover
  • Sick pay
  • Over-time costs
  • Breaks - lunch and tea
  • Superannuation  
  • Worker's compensation

We transcribe from micro or mini cassette but recommend that digital voice software is used as this provides a better sound quality and unlike tapes will not become warn or damaged.

Although very simple to use, we can offer training in the use of this software and how you can easily send it digitally to your VA.  However, you may already be familiar with Express Dictate & Express Scribe.

If required, our staff will sign a non-disclosure agreement so you can rest assured that all confidential information will not be divulged.

For costs associated with Virtual Business Support providing this service, please refer to our Rates pages or you can contact us direct to discuss your medical transcription needs.

We use the following software for our Transcription Services. 

Express Dictate - Dictation Recording Software
Dictation Recording Software